About Us

Leadership Team

The choir is managed by a Leadership Team who have had to manage the transition from individual leadership to committee to keep the choir going. Choirs often fold when their leader(s) leave - theFunkyChoir members wanted it to continue and it is.

Musical Director (MD)

Alison Megicks took on the challenge of managing the teaching side for the choir from January 2023.

Brent and Jill + Jenny

 After 12+ years Brent and Jill Robinson decided they wanted to spend more time with their family and told the choir they were stepping down to do so.  Jenny Petrie the musical director for the last 10+ years also chose the opportunity to go.

What we're about

We are an exciting, fun loving, cake eating, very friendly, faith based community choir based in South Cheshire. We mainly sing funky songs, we like to sing 3 part harmonies, we sing to backing tracks at concerts, we have our own musical equipment, we have fun when we sing - people say they can tell, we are a not for profit, we work hard to support our local community, the choir is a community in itself.